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Surprise location.


Place of pleasure.


Art venue.


Meeting place.

The Restaurant

Not only for hotel guests

Is it not better for a man to eat and drink, and for his soul to be in good health in his labour?

King Solomon already knew that happiness and good food and drink are closely related. We are only too happy to follow this wise advice and offer our guests the right setting to become a little happier.

You can see for yourself in the Kaiserstube, the Bierstube or on the comfort terrace!

Please note: If you are not a hotel guest, we ask for early reservation in our restaurant.

Enjoyment in the style of the Kaiserhof


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Modern and elegant

The Kaiserstube

In our elegant gourmet restaurant, guests can dine at stylishly set and decorated tables.

There is room for about 50 guests. If necessary, the space can be divided into areas with 30 and 20 seats by a sliding door.

Cosy and rustic

The Bierstube

For counter conversations and a hearty meal, this is the place to be. Whether locals, hotel guests or hikers: the Bierstube is the place for the cosy part of the day.

Pleasure in the fresh air

The comfort terrace

Modern rattan furniture with comfortable chairs, couches and high tables with bar stools invite you to rest, relax and dine. A fresh Pilsner tastes just as good here as a glass of champagne, a glass of wine or a coffee with homemade cake. In fine weather, the best place to have an aperitif and enjoy a gourmet meal.

Hotel Kaiserhof Medelon Restaurant
Hotel Kaiserhof Medelon Restaurant
Hotel Kaiserhof Medelon Restaurant
Hotel Kaiserhof Medelon Restaurant